Tecno Unveils Cutting-Edge AI and AR Flagship Products at MWC 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

TECNO, the globally recognized mobile phone company known for its dedication to innovative technology and cutting-edge gadgets, made a significant debut at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona in 2023. The company introduced the widely acclaimed PHANTOM V Fold, marking its foray into the domain of foldable smartphones. This year, TECNO returns to the event with a mission to showcase tomorrow’s technologies under the theme “Reach for the Future,” promising an exciting glimpse into what lies ahead.

MWC Barcelona, occurring annually, draws tens of thousands of senior executives from leading global companies, international governments, and groundbreaking tech businesses. It serves as a decisive platform where novel ideas seamlessly transition into lucrative business deals. The event not only facilitates valuable networking opportunities but also nurtures remarkable connections among diverse stakeholders.

This prestigious event stands as the world’s largest and most influential connectivity gathering, acting as a convergence point for global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners, and tech enthusiasts.

TECNO unveiled the PHANTOM Ultimate Prototype with a Rollable Display at this year’s Conference 2024 in Barcelona. The brand provided a hands-on experience to the participants and content creators, showcasing its state of the art products. The device features a 6.55-inch display that elegantly wraps around the left edge. With the simple push of a button, a remarkable 7.11-inch AMOLED screen swiftly extends from the handset in just 1.3 seconds, presenting a tablet-sized display that offers a more versatile and immersive viewing experience.

When retracted, the handset features a unique double-sided display. The display horizontally wraps around the back of the handset, presenting essential information such as time and notifications. With a thickness of 9.93mm, the TECNOPHANTOM Ultimate strikes a perfect balance between sleek design and cutting-edge technology.


TECNO also made waves at the conference by introducing its soon-to-be-launched POVA 6 Pro 5G, a gaming smartphone that pushes the boundaries of performance. Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 6080 SoC and boasting up to 12GB of RAM, this device ensures seamless and powerful gaming experiences.

A robust 6,000mAh battery, supported by a rapid 70W charging feature, ensures that downtime is minimal. The smartphone goes beyond gaming, offering an immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos spatial sound technology. The photographic capabilities are equally impressive, with a triple rear camera setup headlined by a stunning 108-megapixel primary sensor, promising excellent clarity and detail in every shot. TECNO’s POVA 6 Pro 5G not only caters to gamers but also stands out as a versatile and high-performance device in the competitive smartphone landscape.


This futuristic brand has truly elevated the bar of advancement with another remarkable introductions, AI-backed robot dog called Dynamic 1, powered by artificial intelligence. From smart home entertainment to assistance, education, and training, its intelligent, user-friendly functionalities make Dynamic 1 the perfect pet-like companion of the future. It has a smart headlight system that both illuminates its path and serves as an indicator for interaction. Furthermore, four microphones and advanced AI-driven voice recognition algorithms ensure outstanding voice control responsiveness and even more intuitive interaction.

The robot features a RealSense™ D430 depth camera, dual optical sensors, and infrared sensors for obstacle detection and navigation. It’s powered by an 8-core ARM CPU, ensuring stability, post-fall recovery, and speeds of up to 3.7m/s. Additionally, it has 64GB onboard storage, WI-FI 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and a 15000mAh battery for 90 minutes of use. Its modular design allows quick battery exchanges and simultaneous charging to minimize downtime.

The showcase of this comprehensive lineup along with the industry’s first combined AR glasses and Windows gaming handheld set, innovative concept materials, and AloT devices, reflects TECNO’s commitment to providing a range of choices, ensuring users find the perfect blend of performance and features to suit their individual preferences. It also reflects the brand’s relentless momentum on the global stage. Guided by its “Stop at Nothing” brand essence, TECNO’s innovative spirit is unlocking boundless possibilities, bringing the future closer for users worldwide.

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