Beme Launches Beme Nomad Boost: The Ultimate 15-in-1 Powerbank”

LAHORE, Pakistan July 05, 2023 Beme leading tech brand, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking new product Beme Nomad Boost on 06 July 2024, the 15-in-1 Powerbank.This innovative device combines the functionalities of a charger, powerbank (10000mAh), wireless charger, and wall charger, offering unparalleled convenience for modern tech enthusiasts.

Beme Nomad Boost is designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers seeking reliable and versatile charging options. With a powerful 22.5W direct charging capability, it ensures rapid charging for even the most power-hungry devices. The device’s wireless charging surface provides a sleek and effortless way to charge compatible smartphones without the hassle of cables.

“This isn’t just a powerbank; it’s a complete charging ecosystem designed to enhance convenience and reliability,” said Rahmeen Syed, Marketing Manager at Beme. “Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, our 15-in-1 Powerbank delivers the performance and flexibility you need.”

Key Features of the Beme Nomad Boost Include:

Multi-Functionality: Charger, Powerbank (10000mAh), Wireless Charger, and Wall Charger in one device.

Powerful Performance: 22.5W direct charging capability for rapid device charging.

Wireless Charging: Convenient wireless charging surface for compatible smartphones.

Durable and Desirable: Stylish design combining durability and functionality.
Versatile Usage: AC wall plug functions independently as a cell phone charger; powerbank section offers PD, Quick Charge, and wireless charging functions.

Sim Slot Availability: Integrated SIM slot for SIM cards, providing additional utility beyond traditional powerbanks.

Sim Ejection Tool: Includes a tool for easy SIM card ejection and management.
iPhone Standby Mode Support: Ensures compatibility and efficient charging for iPhones.

Travel Adapters: Includes adapters for international travel convenience.
Built-in Wires: Integrated cables for seamless charging without the need for extra accessories.Beme remains committed to innovation and quality, aiming to redefine industry standards with products that empower users worldwide. The 15-in-1 Powerbank Beme Nomad Boost reflects this commitment with its user-centric design and robust features.

The Beme Nomad Boost is priced at PKR 14,999 for its full retail price. However, customers can take advantage of a special pre-order price of PKR 7,999 for one day after the launch exclusively on

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the Beme Nomad Boost 15-in-1 Powerbank. Visit and starting 06 July 2024 to secure your device.

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