How to create civic man ai generated social media post


In this post we are going to learn ho we can create trending CIVIC MAN Ai generated social media profile photos in just few clicks. It is very easy and free method. Just follow the given steps to create such photos.

What is the Bing AI Android App?

Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, the Bing AI Android app is a fantastic tool that lets users edit and customize images among many other things. We’ll walk you through the steps of utilizing this user-friendly tool to create personalized cricket fan images in this post.

Step 1: Prepare Your Design

You must choose the design you want to make before you can start creating custom cricket fan photographs. This involves picking the jersey of your preferred team, placing your name and number, and selecting a jersey color that speaks to you. To make the procedure easier, you may either create this yourself or locate ready-made templates online.

Step 2: Download the app

To start creating your custom cricket fan photo, you can download the app from HERE:

Step 3: Copy Prompt

“Create a 3D illustration of an animated character standing in front of a tenth 10th generation civic x sedan. The civic must be wrapped in a Instagram social media profile page. character details a young man in his thirties standing casually right next to his car wearing casual clothes such as a shirt jeans sneakers short hair and short beard moustache. social media page details user name Tech Craze. Followers 100k. Luxury leather bag cold weather. Social media Instagram. The background of the image is a social media profile of FACEBOOK page with a user name “Tech Craze” and a profile picture that match”.

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