Do I need a matric to become an actor?


As an actor, you want to know your options to get into the industry and make it big. This means you’ll need to know how much schooling is required to become a professional actor, who needs it, and what schools might be worth your time. The best way to figure this out is to visit the website of your local conservatory or university that offers acting classes — specifically their website dedicated specifically to theater arts.

In most countries in the world, it is required that you possess a formal educational qualification, such as a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. You are probably wondering if you need to get into a college program to become an actor. There are certain aspects of the business that require a college degree, but there are others that can be acquired in less time and with little more than an interest in being creative.

Education and Training Requirements

You can become an actor without a formal qualification. But it helps if you are studying for your matric or have completed an equivalent qualification.

Doing a degree or diploma in acting or drama will help you get into acting classes and auditions. It’s also important to have some knowledge of the history of theatre, as well as to be able to read plays and scripts.

If you’re looking to study acting as part of your higher education, see our guide on how to apply for a degree at a university. There are no specific education and training requirements for acting in South Africa.

However, in order to pursue your career as an actor you will need to complete a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. The course of study required will depend on the type of acting you choose to do.

Some types of acting require more training than others. For example, if you want to become a stage actor, it is likely that you will need to study drama at the university level. You may also find that some companies require you to have experience working on stage before they consider hiring you for their productions.

You do not need to be a matriculate to start acting. As long as you have the talent, there are many reputable acting schools that will accept you without an academic degree. However, if you want to become a professional actor in the US, then it is important that you have some kind of training before you can get started.

The first step towards becoming an actor is to learn how to act. This can be done in many different ways and not all of them require formal education. Some people simply take courses on how to act or go through self-taught courses on how to act like an actor.

There are also other ways that people learn how to act and they include:

– Watching movies and television shows

– Reading books about acting or watching other actors perform on stage or screen

– Taking classes on various topics related to acting including voice training, movement training, and speech training.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary and job outlook for actors are very good. According to Bizfluent, the average salary for actors in the U.S. is $72,000 per year. The demand for actors is growing at an annual rate of 5%. With more than 100,000 new jobs being created every month, this number should continue to increase over time as well.

The career path for an actor can be varied, depending on what type of acting you want to pursue. If you’re interested in performing in front of a live audience, then a stage career might be right for you.

If you want to work behind the scenes on a film or television set, then a film career might be your best bet. If you have the talent and drive to succeed in any of these fields, then this job could turn out to be very lucrative for you over time.

The minimum educational requirement for becoming an actor in India is a bachelor’s degree. However, if you have studied at an institute that is recognized by the Union Ministry of HRD (Human Resource Development), you will be eligible to apply for a government grant under the Pradhan Mantri Vidya Vandana Yojana.

The job outlook for actors in India is good. The national unemployment rate stands at 3% as of 2016-17 (the latest available data).

 This figure is expected to rise gradually over the next few years as more and more people move into employment. The growth rate of jobs related to the arts and culture sector has been around 5% per annum during the last few years, according to an article published by Career Point India website.

The Bottom Line

The short answer is no. But if you’re interested in acting, there are some things that you should know before you set out on your career in the arts.

The Bottom Line

The biggest hurdle most aspiring actors face is the lack of talent. This is why many begin as models or dancers before they enter the world of acting. The great news is that it also doesn’t matter what path you take to get into the business; as long as you’re willing to work hard and put yourself out there, you can succeed.

Because there are so many different types of roles available to actors today (from commercials to TV shows), it’s unlikely that someone with no formal training would be cast in a lead role on Broadway or off-Broadway.

 But if you’re interested in working behind the camera as well, many opportunities exist for those who have some experience with directing or writing for other media outlets like film or television.

The bottom line is that you don’t need a matric to become an actor. It’s actually more of a benefit than anything else. If you can make it to the end of year 11 without being expelled or dropping out, then you’re golden.

The only reason why will probably want to do an acting course is for the credentials and experience it gives you. If you want to be a professional actor, then this isn’t the best route to take. You may get some very basic training in acting but nothing like what you’ll get from an acting school.


If you want to be an actor and you have to ask if you need a matric to become one, then I don’t think you’ll get very far with this career choice. Most acting schools will require matric and tertiary study as a prerequisite to their programs. So unless you’re prepared to go back to school, I suggest you do something else. If you’re looking to pursue a career as a professional actor and want to know whether matric is necessary, the answer is “no.”

While there are numerous acting schools in South Africa that do require matric for admission, there are just as many—if not more—that don’t. And if you don’t have a matric, you can always get into one of these acting schools by getting your General Education Degree (GED).In order to become an actor, one does not need a matric certificate. The Certificate is only a requirement when you apply for National Diploma programs in Acting and Directing for Film and Television.

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