TECNO Delights Fans with SPARK 20 PRO +: All Colors Now in Stock for PKR 55,999

  • TECNO Delights Fans with SPARK 20 PRO +: All Colors Now in Stock for PKR 55,999


The TECNO Spark 20 Pro+, the latest addition to the SPARK family, achieved remarkable success upon its launch, quickly becoming one of the best-selling phones of the year. The initial high demand led to a rapid sellout, prompting a swift response from the manufacturer, who immediately restocked the phones to meet the overwhelming interest from the customers. This surge in popularity shows the device’s appeal and highlights its strong position in the market. The exciting part is that TECNO has successfully restocked the TECNO Spark 20Pro+ smartphone lineup, resolving any previous inventory concerns and ensuring our customers can access their favorite devices at the same prices.

The new TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ stands out with its unique and futuristic design, complemented by enhanced features, all offered at an attractive price point of PKR 55,999 only. Within its diverse color options, the Magic Skin 20 Green variant has proven to be a top-seller, consistently winning favor among consumers. Even with its popularity, this colour is still easily accessible in the market, reflecting its ongoing demand and preference among users looking for a stylish and advanced smartphone experience.

If you are also interested in buying the new TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+, consider visiting their official website or reaching out to their trusted suppliers. This way, you can explore the available variants at the standard market rate for a straightforward purchase experience.

For Details Visit: https://www.tecno-mobile.com/pak/homepage

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